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September 15, 1992

On September 15, 1992, Willie Jones was put to death in the state of Virginia for his murders of Graham and Myra Adkins.

Willie Jones knew the son of Graham and Myra Adkins.  The Charles City couple were in their late 70s.  On May 13, 1983, he disguised himself as an undercover police officer and presented himself at the Adkins home as such.  He said he was looking for missing children.  With their trust and co-operation gained, he entered the home whereupon he shot and murdered Graham Adkins.  Willie then tied up Myra and shoved her in a closet.  Always an overachiever, Willie proceeded to shoot Myra in the head, pour kerosene on her — WHILE SHE WAS STILL ALIVE — and set the house on fire to cover his deeds after he blew open the bedroom safe and stole the couple’s life savings of more than $30,000.

So, nine years after he hideously murdered a helpless old couple whose only crime was that their son knew a piece of shit who wanted the money but not put out the effort to earn it on his own, yes, Willie Jones was given the electric chair for his decisions made on May 13, 1983.

Hope he thought it was worth the lives of two human beings who never caused him any harm.  With any luck at all and with karma’s sweet irony, hope his last vision was something like the hell he created for Myra Adkins.

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September 15, 1894

On September 15, 1894, the state of New Mexico hanged 21-year-old murderer James Barrett.

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September 6, 1845

On September 6, 1845, at the Red River Settlement, a native by the name of Capinesseweet was hanged for the murder of a fellow Saulteaux Indian.  He had shot the man.

What makes this event unusual is the the Hudson’s Bay Company was founded in 1670 and given a virtual monopoly over its area of control (including parts of modern-day Manitoba).

It was under the “fiefdom” that this man was executed for his crime.  An employee of Hudson’s Bay Company acted as the judge in this legal proceeding.

Canadian history is full of little tiny “oops” moments like this, don’t cha think?

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September 3, 1931

On September 3, 1931, John Strieb was hanged at the jail in Headingly, just west of Winnipeg, Manitoba, for the murders of George, Irene and Doris Walters.

The 45-year-old Strieb died for his heinous crime when there was a semblance of justice in Canada.

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September 6, 1894

On September 6, 1894, the state of New Jersey executed two men via hanging.  For the crime of murder, Wesley Warner was hanged alongside Bernard Altenberger, who had been convicted of robbery and murder.

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September 5, 2007

On September 5, 2007, Tony Roach was finally executed for the heinous crime he committed in June of 1998.

In June, 1998, Tony Roach broke in to the apartment of Ronnie “Kitten” Hewitt in Amarillo, Texas.  Roach confronted Kitten, attacked her and choked her with his arm.  When she slumped unconscious, he took a belt and choked her to death.  Roach then raped her vaginally and anally, took what money he could find, a knife a beer and some of her rings.

Leaving the scene, he used hair spray to set the apartment on fire.  Firefighters arrived to discover Hewitt’s apartment on fire and her burned body.  It was immediately apparent, however, that she had not died in the fire as her body still had the belt wrapped around her neck.

While being interviewed in Oklahoma on an unrelated crime a couple of weeks later, Roach confessed to murdering Kitten.  Pawn shops in Amarillo and in Guymon, Oklahoma, surrendered pawn slips with Roach’s signature — items retrieved included a knife belonging to Kitten and two of her rings.

The semen collected from her vaginal area was not Tony Roach’s; however, the DNA profile of the semen found in the anal area matched the DNA of Tony Roach in ten different areas.  This profile would only occur in one in six BILLION Caucasians, Blacks, or Hispanics.

A jury convicted Roach and sentenced him to death.

The actual sentence took close to a decade to be fulfilled, but in the end, Tony Roach took the opportunity to apologize to the family of his victim.

To the  fiancé and the daughter of Ronnie “Kitten” Hewitt, Tony Roach said:

“So much hurt I’ve caused you all,  I can only imagine how you feel. I pray the Lord Jesus Christ touches your heart the way he’s touched mine.”

And he did admit that he was the right perpetrator and was guilty of the crime.

Mind you, Roach then had to take the time to disagree with the sentence the state saw fit to give him with his next statement:

“I can’t agree with this justice the state is carrying out, but I accept it and I’m sorry. I have no ill will toward anyone carrying out this so-called justice.”

Now, one could almost feel like this psychopath had redeemed himself with his initial words, but the sociopathic nature exerted itself and he felt compelled to state that executing him was not justice.

Hell, no, cuz psychopaths don’t like to be hurt.  It is OKAY for them to hurt you, but my oh my, what an injustice if they should be caught and made to pay the full penalty for their actions.

Tsk, tsk.

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September 4, 1896

On September 4, 1896, the state of South Carolina hanged Aaron Duffie for the capital crime of murder.

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September 4, 1896

The state of Texas just always has to do things bigger.  On this date, September 4, 1896, the state of Texas executed three men condemned to death for their crimes against the commonwealth.

For his crime of murder, 37-year-old George Wheeler was hanged.  For the dual-convictions of murder and robbery, both Silas Lee and Hickman Freeman were also hanged at the neck until dead.

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